As I sat meditating this morning, I was aware of a rage rising within me, so extreme was the anger that I started to tremble. I followed its path backwards and came to my supposed beginning, my birth. I saw this infant grow, the seed of rage growing into a sapling, then a plant withContinue reading “Habit”

Keep Trying

My mother has been preparing my father’s meals for over 40 years now. This is but a small portion of what she does for him. In these 40 odd years I have never heard a single word of acknowledgement or appreciation. My mother says she does it so that her good karma spills onto herContinue reading “Keep Trying”


It’s so strange, I had always imagined that following the Buddhist tradition involved detachment and giving up. I have always been enchanted by the Buddha, but it is through the interpretation and teachings of his disciple, my teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh, that I am beginning to see how much richer my life is, how muchContinue reading “Riches”