Cause and Effect

I have not been able to write much in the last few days. The reason being that I lack the clarity to use discrete objects like words to describe my present experiences. After some initial discoveries and removal of some obvious blocks I have tumbled into a space where I am entirely unsure. I haveContinue reading “Cause and Effect”


I want to put this down right now, before I have spent time analysing and destroying the essence of it. Today I was listening to D. Madhusudan playing Raag Ahir Bhairav whilst meditating. I started reading the book, ‘On Having No Head’, D.E. Harding yesterday. I am not much convinced by the science of it,Continue reading “Blur”


Aw man, the inertia. It just won’t let go. So used to thinking, over thinking, only thinking, you have to be Constantly aware, paying attention, you start to get relaxed (the bad sort of relaxed) and you’re back in that bogus framework. Cause you’ve lived with it and identified with it for So long. AndContinue reading “Capybara”


Last night I dreamt of a bed of flowers. (It is comforting when I have pleasant dreams, usually the content disturbs, agitates, or makes me feel conflicted, I am hoping with meditation this will go away, it really affects the quality of my sleep, sometimes I wake up feeling alarmed or unsteady or restless becauseContinue reading “Adulthood”


For me there are roughly three stages of learning a piece. I mean a piece of music written by someone else, not something I have composed (that is another chapter). The first stage is obviously figuring out the notes and where they belong, that is, the time. The second stage, and this is probably theContinue reading “Stages”