Teach Me

My piano teacher was fond of saying, “Oh, look at him, he thinks he’s arrived.” He was referring to another pianist of course and you must forgive him for not including the hers, he was an old man, and a Goan, and could not bother himself with being correct. For whatever I am today asContinue reading “Teach Me”

May You Be Peaceful

We learnt a simple practice yesterday. To feel love for another without judgement, with pure intention, by reciting some simple lines in your mind. I have chosen the lines “May you be peaceful, may you be loved, may you be free from suffering”. This is not more contrived than anything else in our lives. SinceContinue reading “May You Be Peaceful”


Today I just want to quote from today’s lesson. “Today I introduced a practice called meta, that is the official Buddhist name, and the mental state that is the goal of that practice is a feeling of loving kindness that is quite distinct from romantic attachment or any kind of complicated or self directed entanglementContinue reading “Meta”