The path to sobriety (for it is seen as a goal rather than a state of being, at least initially) is a twisted one to say the very least. It’s like playing a game without knowing the rules, you take a step forward, several back, start again, think you’ve figured something out only to findContinue reading “Sobriety”

Return to Text

I feel a little tired today. I haven’t been reading, been rushing, not paying as much attention, not being graceful. It’s hard for me to not constantly push myself, to not criticise myself, to allow myself to make mistakes. A single negative thought towards someone or something upsets me, I have to then analyse whereContinue reading “Return to Text”

Ping Pong

An artist’s mind grows tired in a fixed state. I would broadly categorise two natures that we ping pong between, high and sober, or excited and not excited. One may derive either of these states through various means of course, both are equally important in the process of creation. One needs to be not excitedContinue reading “Ping Pong”

Late Morning Walks

Ever so often you’ll meet people, who the general public have pronounced, somewhat batty. I am always looking for these people, they offer an excellent insight, for they are usually far less inhibited in their behaviour and speech (which is one of the reasons why they are thus categorised, I presume). I met one suchContinue reading “Late Morning Walks”

Learning. Not.

I’m back from walking my dogs. A funny incident I remembered (why am I talking like Yoda). I think it was 4 or 5 months ago, I’d concluded a jam session with another musician, the work was intoxicating, as was his presence, I closed the evening a little too high. I had taken my kidContinue reading “Learning. Not.”