May You Be Peaceful

We learnt a simple practice yesterday. To feel love for another without judgement, with pure intention, by reciting some simple lines in your mind. I have chosen the lines “May you be peaceful, may you be loved, may you be free from suffering”. This is not more contrived than anything else in our lives. SinceContinue reading “May You Be Peaceful”


Sam said an interesting thing today, “……we only tend to feel the way we feel moment by moment, and that it’s possible to suddenly feel differently, the shift can be subtle, but it can be quite revolutionary….as you go about your day and you feel the mediocrity of ordinary life begin to intrude, you mightContinue reading “Mediocrity”

A Glass of Wine

Yesterday I had a glass of wine. ‘A glass of wine’. I can’t remember the last time I had just one glass of wine. Actually I can’t remember the last time I drank out of a glass. I haven’t touched wine for quite some time, I do not or rather did not, have the skillsContinue reading “A Glass of Wine”