Teach Me

My piano teacher was fond of saying, “Oh, look at him, he thinks he’s arrived.” He was referring to another pianist of course and you must forgive him for not including the hers, he was an old man, and a Goan, and could not bother himself with being correct. For whatever I am today asContinue reading “Teach Me”

On Having No Head

This is a beautiful time in my life. I am not trying at all. I spend the day playing piano, studying music, taking care of my kids, reading, playing with animals, listening, watching everything around me. I am not trying to communicate with anyone, whatever comes to me without effort, I do, the rest IContinue reading “On Having No Head”


The path to sobriety (for it is seen as a goal rather than a state of being, at least initially) is a twisted one to say the very least. It’s like playing a game without knowing the rules, you take a step forward, several back, start again, think you’ve figured something out only to findContinue reading “Sobriety”

Specks of Truth

One of my favourite things to say was, the thing about having four furball children is that there’s always one at arm’s reach to cuddle. My entire day was spent that way. Doesn’t matter what I was doing, practising, recording, jumping rope, teaching, cleaning, every half an hour or less I would reach out toContinue reading “Specks of Truth”