The Ashoka Tree

I dreamt of an Ashoka tree last night (amongst other things, my dreams are hopelessly hectic and confused, it will take a Lot of meditation to streamline that shit). It was the tallest tree I had ever seen. Growing out of a small planter. I was worried that sooner or later it would start toContinue reading “The Ashoka Tree”


The tremors have finally stopped. I am a reasonably poor eater, my father had bought me some incredibly disgusting tonic, to take every morning, to improve my appetite. That was when I first noticed the severity of the tremors. I knew I had them, but like all addicts I pretended they were not as harsh.Continue reading “Tremor”

A Cat

I’m not so sure if I like my cat. Maybe it’s the breed, she’s a Persian, supposedly a breed that’s aloof in temperament, she seems only to take though. ‘Animal lovers et activists’ have these hysterical ideas about animals, like all of them are walking embodiments of the Buddha. I don’t think so, they’re individuals,Continue reading “A Cat”

The Wonder

I was very depressed in med school. I probably related more to the dead bodies in anatomy hall than the students around me. I’d studied hard to get into one of the top schools of the country, funded by the government, with an annual fee of something ridiculous like five thousand rupees. The entrance examContinue reading “The Wonder”