For me there are roughly three stages of learning a piece. I mean a piece of music written by someone else, not something I have composed (that is another chapter). The first stage is obviously figuring out the notes and where they belong, that is, the time. The second stage, and this is probably theContinue reading “Stages”

Ping Pong

An artist’s mind grows tired in a fixed state. I would broadly categorise two natures that we ping pong between, high and sober, or excited and not excited. One may derive either of these states through various means of course, both are equally important in the process of creation. One needs to be not excitedContinue reading “Ping Pong”

The Mud

The artist’s mind, a bed of roses, and thorns. And mud. A lot of mud. This incessant craving for innovation, learning. Always looking for that something new, so perplexing, right in front of me, yet I seek hither and thither. With each creation, a sense of conclusion, so fleeting, the tediousness of ground zero allContinue reading “The Mud”


The tremors have finally stopped. I am a reasonably poor eater, my father had bought me some incredibly disgusting tonic, to take every morning, to improve my appetite. That was when I first noticed the severity of the tremors. I knew I had them, but like all addicts I pretended they were not as harsh.Continue reading “Tremor”