Aw man, the inertia. It just won’t let go. So used to thinking, over thinking, only thinking, you have to be Constantly aware, paying attention, you start to get relaxed (the bad sort of relaxed) and you’re back in that bogus framework. Cause you’ve lived with it and identified with it for So long. AndContinue reading “Capybara”


My soul sister wants to record ‘Dreaming with a broken heart’, John Mayer. She is also presently obsessed with a male calf whom she has named Santosh (her sense of humour is exceedingly awkward, much like mine, except her’s is in Hindi and flourished with awful words that I am only just learning the meaningsContinue reading “Dreaming”

Specks of Truth

One of my favourite things to say was, the thing about having four furball children is that there’s always one at arm’s reach to cuddle. My entire day was spent that way. Doesn’t matter what I was doing, practising, recording, jumping rope, teaching, cleaning, every half an hour or less I would reach out toContinue reading “Specks of Truth”

A Cat

I’m not so sure if I like my cat. Maybe it’s the breed, she’s a Persian, supposedly a breed that’s aloof in temperament, she seems only to take though. ‘Animal lovers et activists’ have these hysterical ideas about animals, like all of them are walking embodiments of the Buddha. I don’t think so, they’re individuals,Continue reading “A Cat”