A Glass of Wine

Yesterday I had a glass of wine. ‘A glass of wine’. I can’t remember the last time I had just one glass of wine. Actually I can’t remember the last time I drank out of a glass. I haven’t touched wine for quite some time, I do not or rather did not, have the skillsContinue reading “A Glass of Wine”

The Ashoka Tree

I dreamt of an Ashoka tree last night (amongst other things, my dreams are hopelessly hectic and confused, it will take a Lot of meditation to streamline that shit). It was the tallest tree I had ever seen. Growing out of a small planter. I was worried that sooner or later it would start toContinue reading “The Ashoka Tree”

Ping Pong

An artist’s mind grows tired in a fixed state. I would broadly categorise two natures that we ping pong between, high and sober, or excited and not excited. One may derive either of these states through various means of course, both are equally important in the process of creation. One needs to be not excitedContinue reading “Ping Pong”

Love in the Time of COVID19

The last few days have been a bit irksome. My son has tick fever, all his blood counts are messed up, so there were some trips to the vet, and much disquiet. And I think the vet made us agree to an expensive test, the PCR, that, in this case was not necessary. Then yesterdayContinue reading “Love in the Time of COVID19”


The tremors have finally stopped. I am a reasonably poor eater, my father had bought me some incredibly disgusting tonic, to take every morning, to improve my appetite. That was when I first noticed the severity of the tremors. I knew I had them, but like all addicts I pretended they were not as harsh.Continue reading “Tremor”

“Boredom: the desire for desires.” – Leo Tolstoy

Most people make me uncomfortable. And then there are people I care about. I like to think I’m a loving human being, but there’s obviously a limit to time and energy and I select who to bestow my goodness upon, quite carefully I might add. Professionally I have to meet people I am disinclined towards,Continue reading ““Boredom: the desire for desires.” – Leo Tolstoy”

Learning. Not.

I’m back from walking my dogs. A funny incident I remembered (why am I talking like Yoda). I think it was 4 or 5 months ago, I’d concluded a jam session with another musician, the work was intoxicating, as was his presence, I closed the evening a little too high. I had taken my kidContinue reading “Learning. Not.”