My son lies beside me. It seems that he is dying. It is morning and the world is alive with colour and movement, the birds, the trees, the sky. Everything here, by contrast, is very still. I watch this interplay of life and death, wishing my life force into my son. It seems we haveContinue reading “Reflection”

See You Soon

Splendour and green Autumn in orange Purple coleus And the ti plant, That slight off black The crows are calling, The sky is mixing An unfamiliar blue¬† Each day, I long to be outside. The green smudge The parakeet, The middle-aged rose flower Fading, grumpy It must soon yield To the unfurling bud, The clutterContinue reading “See You Soon”

The Blessed

What if Depression is not a disease, but a symptom. What if Depression is not a diagnosis, but a beginning. What if This pandemic of apathy and listlessness is a sign Is a reaction, Is a revolution Against this egocentric existence. What if That feeling of being alone Is the starting point To make usContinue reading “The Blessed”


I was so deep in meditation right now that if the phone hadn’t vibrated on the table I would have probably been late for work. Flying. I have always wanted to fly. Not the clumsy flying that planes fly, but like the birds, your body flying in the open sky, streamline, just the open sky,Continue reading “Fly”


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