Contemplate. You are primitive man, you may even think of yourself as the first man, indeed the seed of the first man is within us all. You are sitting in a forest and looking around you. You have no concepts, no comparisons. You do not know what a tree is, you cannot tell one fromContinue reading “Blur”


I am listening to a discourse by Thich Nhat Hanh, on the true nature of things. He begins by pulling out a matchbox and asking us, is the flame not already there, it has not manifested true, it requires certain conditions to manifest, oxygen, for me to strike the match, but can we qualify thatContinue reading “Teacher”


Today I listened to Thich Nhat Hanh’s discourse on loving yourself. He spoke of the body, the wonder of it, how all our ancestors, human, animal, vegetal and mineral, and our future was all within the essence of our body. That the clean air and mother earth and the sun rays were all there, andContinue reading “Relief”

The Bird

I was meditating. I heard the beautiful song of a bird. I observed my first thought, I must move towards it, and then the second, open yourself and receive it, there’s nothing to move towards. I felt that, in my heart, in my body. It’s tricky, finding the words, more often than not they justContinue reading “The Bird”

Forgive Me

Today’s post is not easy for me to write. Growing up I never really received the typical love and affection from my grandparents. My father’s father died a couple of years before I was born, I did not like my grandmother. On my mom’s side, my grandfather was a quiet reasonable meditative man, I respectedContinue reading “Forgive Me”


Today I meditated on my father, I embraced him, forgave him, wrapped him up in energy. This was difficult for me. This was the first time I have meditated for him. When I opened my eyes, the sun rise had turned into morning, an angelic yellow healing us all.

Happy Child

This is only the second time I have had this experience. I sat down to meditate, focussing on my breathing, in, out, in, out, in, out, deep, slow. It is hard for me to find the words. But it felt like I slowly melted into the present. I was aware of the tiny pulsations inContinue reading “Happy Child”


The most distressing thing one might hear a human being iterate is “I am alone”. No one ever has or ever will be alone. As I sit here in meditation listening to the rain and the birds and the insects, really listening, I am filled with wonder for I too once used to say “IContinue reading “Alone”


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