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I was in the shower, trying desperately not to think of all the tasks I had to complete today. I am constantly striving to be the best version of myself, this is something I’ve carried with me all my life and it really does ruin awareness and experience. The Om chanting was in the background, I was trying to be here-now, feeling the hot droplets of water soothe me, but I was too tense, kids, parents, students, my own music studies, meditation, fighting bad habits, blah blah BLAH. A sudden thought descended on me, what if I die. I was feeling so stressed. It was as if that question had placed a full stop in my head. What if I die. What if I die. But I WILL die one day, this is an absolute certainty, this is the truth. At least this form, this body, this mind. And there’s not one single thing I can do about it. So where’s the stress, that is not an intelligent response. I felt my body and mind relax immediately, the Om chanting and the warm water coming into focus. I smiled.

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