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I had a sudden insight yesterday. I say sudden because that’s how it felt, but it’s obviously a work in progress. All religions speak of love, goodness, generosity, selflessness. These are beautiful concepts but are still concepts. Right, wrong, good bad, light, dark, these are but two sides of the same face. Yet all enlightened people encourage these ideas, at least initially. I have often had trouble with this conflict. I am beginning to understand now, however, that this is just a method to initiate the process, to purge us of the ego. No true insight can be found within the dictates of a ‘self’, a separate entity, an ego. To begin we must first let go of this idea. But how. I see now that the great teachers use concepts of goodness and giving and love and selflessness to reduce our attachment to this idea, to expand and open. No teacher can of course resolve this inherent conflict for us, but they can make us aware of its existence and nudge us along the path. Love is the most accessible path and the most universal, that’s all it is, an initiation.

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