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This morning, I came home from walking Marla and found an earthworm, half a foot long, on the gravel, in front of our gate. I knew it was very unsafe there, I walked Marla carefully around the worm, and inside the house. I was about to go and transport the worm to safety when mother walked out at a brisk pace to retrieve something from the car. Before I could even tell her, she had accidentally stepped on the worm. My heart sank. It was injured about three fourths from its head. I had read about earthworms regenerating. I tried again to relocate it and this time my adopted stray dog, Robbie, trampled it in roughly the same place. I shooed him away and observed the worm, it was still moving. I plucked a large leaf and gently directed the worm onto the leaf, nudging the broken fourth. It lay very still. I placed the leaf on the wet mud and sat down next to it, anxious. I’m not sure why but I really wanted this little thing to live. After a minute or so it started moving its head. The peristalsis slowly passed along its body. I watched it a while. It managed to drag its injured portion and slowly slipped away into the mud. I felt content as I went back to the morning chores.

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