Photo by Steve Johnson on Pexels.com

It’s been a wishy washy few days in the capital of India. Whilst I love the rain and clouds and colours and smells, I don’t particularly like getting wet. I also don’t like carrying an umbrella, and I have yet to invest in a raincoat, although I’m fairly certain I will dislike that too. I also don’t like the slippery paths and mud everywhere. I was out with my son this morning when it started to pour. In a bit of hurry to get back I found a slippery sloppery piece of land and did a tumble. Back on my feet, we headed back, I was indeed a tad irate. The rain gradually stopped as I reached home. After depositing the son, I took the daughter out. We were on her usual trail when it started to rain again. Damn. But also, I was tired of letting the rain get the better of me. So I said to the rain, fine, I embrace you, and turned my face towards the sky feeling the droplets fall on my skin. I slipped into a meditative space and it was just my face and the rain. It was extraordinary, like I’d never felt the rain before. I smiled and we headed back.

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