The Water

I have not written for a long time, have not felt like sharing anything. Today I was meditating on interrelatedness. I have started following Thích Nhất Hạnh’s teachings and this is something he keeps emphasising. I started by imagining myself floating on a huge expanse of calm water, weightless, the blue sky stretching out endlessly above me. Sometimes I would enter the water and flow with it, other times float on it. I was clothed, I am always clothed somehow in my mind. I decided to get rid of that burden. At first it felt very strange, alone in a vast ocean under an infinite sky, I felt exposed. I saw the irony in that almost immediately and let go of that feeling. I was a naked human being flowing with the water, with no ambition of my own, no will. Slowly I began to fade, to feel my skin peeling off, fascia, muscle, tendons, blood vessels, nerves. It was painless, organic. Finally bone. And then I was gone, just a part of the water, flowing, it was pure joy. A bird took a sip from the water, I was inside her mouth as she transported this water to her 3 babies, featherless in their nest. She fed them this refreshing water equally. I entered one of the baby birds, and began to grow with her. Soon I was flying, a part of this now full grown bird, still flowing, from water to the air. I passed on from her to the soil, as manure and was soon growing into a tree. I was Still and blissful. From the tree I passed into the cloud as water vapour, once again in the sky, and then as cool rain, I fell back inside that immense water. A man cupped his hands and took a refreshing drink of the water. I became a part of him, his life. I became his sin. My focus broke immediately as I gasped. Compassion burst through me for this man, for myself. It was time to get on with another day.

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