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I was so deep in meditation right now that if the phone hadn’t vibrated on the table I would have probably been late for work. Flying. I have always wanted to fly. Not the clumsy flying that planes fly, but like the birds, your body flying in the open sky, streamline, just the open sky, freedom. I often dream of flying, I fancy I must have been a bird in some life time before, a big bird, with huge wings, gliding, just me, the sky and the sun. It is something I have started incorporating in my meditation sessions, trying to get closer to the physical feeling whilst sitting in my room. I spend lots of time every day staring at the sky, it takes everything away, just like the sea, you imagine being a part of it and you’re gone. I love the water too, I kind of think of flying as basically swimming in the air. I cannot wait for another session, ah but I must, not wait, that is, but let even that go, there is work to be done, and I must do that just as honestly and enthusiastically.

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