The Crow

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

There are times when I find myself yearning for my meditation cushion, quite fiercely. I simply cannot take interference anymore, when I must answer to myself and through that to the eternal, what possible role does anyone else play, it distresses me to see people try and fix me when they are quite so broken themselves. We each have our own journeys, let’s focus on that and all will fall into place.

Day before yesterday a baby crow with one leg fell in my path. I was confused, my experience with birds is that they are better left alone, to meet their fate, I have rescued many, they suffer and eventually die, so it isn’t really a rescue. Still, there were dogs around, I could not leave it there. Or maybe I could have. It was evening, I bought it home and the next morning released it, it didn’t get very far and sat there for a couple of hours, flailing in a bush. I brought it in again, it was not interested in eating and I had to force feed, this confuses me, am I doing good or bad. If this bird does not want to eat, do I have the right to decide that it does. Some more hours went by, I did some more forcing, unhappily, I was not convinced by my own actions. I have left it outside now and will leave it there. I think this is the best thing to do.

I have just checked, it is lying in a flower pot breathing its last.

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