We have a morning ritual. There is a lovely small park right outside my house sheltered by Neem trees. Every morning we go play, Light is a frisbee sort of guy, Marla loves running after the ball, I just love being there with them, throwing objects. It’s been roughly four and a half years ago. In the beginning it was a headache. People would object to two rather large unleashed dogs running around in the park. I argued that it was only for ten to fifteen minutes, and if they were scared, and there was no reason to be, the dogs were not interested in them during play time, but still if they were, then surely they could give us ten minutes, in any case we only occupied half the park, the other half was free, all the other spaces were covered with people and houses and cars and other signs of civilised living, so surely they could spare a few square metres of space for a few minutes. However man is free to be as indecently selfish as he chooses and this reasoning did not work. Every morning there were arguments, a few times, people called the cops on me, it was stressful and quite awful, but I was adamant. My children needed ten minutes a day to run and be free and healthy and I was willing to temporarily give up my peace of mind for it. Finally I could bear the harassment no more, and filed an FIR. This was followed by multiple visits to the court, friendly conversations with policemen and lots of interesting experiences. The local police station is rather dog friendly, at any point there are 5 to 15 strays lying around inside the station (one of the truly awesome things about living in India) and it did not take much time for the policemen assigned to my case to become near buddies. Such and such not. Things cleared. Today we walk unafraid. I am very careful to not bother people or scare them, I am firm and confident, yet gentle and sympathetic, I too have changed and they can sense it.

In other discoveries. Thinking is a cancerous phenomenon. I have been worried about a family member who attempted suicide. That kick started the whole thinking cycle. I have identified it though, before the tiredness has begun to seep in. I will take a step back and let things be as they are and allow the lines and colours to blur again.

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