Today I meditated outside. I live in a duplex apartment and have a small balcony where I grow plants, feed the crows and used to keep chickens. The chickens I rescued were always very destructive towards my plants, I don’t know if that’s a response to the stressful conditions they were bred in, or if that’s a chicken thing. In any case they would shred my plants and I had to make a choice of sorts. I chose the plants. Anywho I meander as usual. I don’t meditate outside usually because it’s very noise, we live alongside a busy road and the traffic by 8 AM is not unremarkable. But I really wanted to be outside, I love being outside in this slow setting autumn weather, and the colour of the sunlight is really very beautiful at this time of the year. I don’t get disturbed in noise that much anymore (I used to have near panic attacks earlier) and as I fell into a meditative state, a warm cloud of sound and sensation interspersed by the kaww kawws of the crows enveloped me. I would open my eyes every now and then to the blue of the sky and the swaying trees and smile inside. I feel full of love and quite content right now.

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