Meditation definitely requires an increased consumption of water and water kinda stuff like juice. I feel it. I’m in a bit of a confused place right now. My inclination is to keep increasing the time spent meditating, however too much tires me out, I need to slowly build up the adjustment. This is always tricky for me, I’m such a stubborn ass and the fire to learn and grow burns rather intensely within me. But that fire needs to be managed efficiently. I am not good at that. It’s all quite perplexing, I wish I had a teacher who could tell me exactly what to do. Of course that’s an oxymoron.

In other news, Eddie Von Bingle, our refugee mouse, has cut through the AC wires yet again. I have met him (I am convinced it’s a him) face to face on a couple of occasions. The first time was sweet, my animal loving instincts got the better of me. Last night when I heard gnawing sounds followed by the air conditioner rudely going off (again!), I really wanted to punch him in the face. But also it was kind of terrifying. My cat and three dogs have proven entirely useless as usual, as they slept through my cursing and pleas to wake up and catch the mouse. Little freeloaders.

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