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I want to put this down right now, before I have spent time analysing and destroying the essence of it. Today I was listening to D. Madhusudan playing Raag Ahir Bhairav whilst meditating. I started reading the book, ‘On Having No Head’, D.E. Harding yesterday. I am not much convinced by the science of it, but it is an extremely simple technique. Simply imagine that you have no head, once you get a sense of it, that space naturally fills in, with everything else. It’s quite magical. I sat there meditating on this, imagining this headless body radiating brilliant light. The waves and colours and light in my closed eyes’ visual field were gentler than usual, continuous, rhythmic, like gentle waves of the sea. The line between formal meditation and living life is very very slowly but most surely fading. I am still somewhat overwhelmed. Now I will go and feed the children.

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