It really is a beautiful morning. After three more or less continuous García Márquez type raining days, the sun is glowing shyly like an idiotic bride. I belong to the category of human being that is greatly affected by the weather. I love the rain but too much and I start to feel a bit sad. The babblers were all over the place today, screaming at each other, warm pigeon cooing, sundry birds, dogs barking, leaves rustling. I was in a happy silly place when my mom wanted to talk about ‘real’ things. Like yesterday, I slipped and fell on my bum because of all the slippery slushiness around, and Light, who weighs as much as I do, excitedly pulling at the leash more or less continuously. I don’t really like wearing shoes in the summer and there’s this worn out pair of slippers that I refuse to throw. She wants me to wear shoes when I take the dogs out, Not those slippers (ha!). We can talk about this later. Much later. I wish the Vader toy on my desk would come to life now and then and do mind controlling Jedi tricks on my mom. In the meantime, I’m hiding in my room again.

(PS. Today I meditated without guidance or music, for the first time. In the session there was an instant of an understanding, I had never experienced before, it was complete, but also lasted only a moment.)

2 thoughts on “Ha.

    1. Muahahahahahaha, I haven’t lied on the posts. Most of my slight distortions of the truth in ‘real’ life happen to keep my mom from irritating me 😛


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