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For me there are roughly three stages of learning a piece. I mean a piece of music written by someone else, not something I have composed (that is another chapter). The first stage is obviously figuring out the notes and where they belong, that is, the time. The second stage, and this is probably the one I find most meditative, is translating that intellectual knowledge to my hands and body, it is a slow but secure process, there is method and usually improvement is proportional to the time and effort spent. Then there is that ghastly third stage, this is when you start to look for the Music, and this can take minutes or months. I am in that stage right now with Beethoven’s bagatelle Opus 119, Number 1, in G minor, and frankly I’ve been making excuses to not sit at the piano. Of course now that I have accepted this I will have no choice but to shackle myself in that exact space.

In other news, Captain Kirk has once again started peeing blood, and the smell of that pee is quite stupendous, I did not think it quite possible for such a fragrance to exist. I shall have to start him on those antibiotics again. Between the piano and the pee I can’t wait to find myself in my favourite spot getting some meditation in! Ciao and have a beautiful day.

(PS. In meditation this morning, there was an image, of a frightened cat trying to flee, I held it more firmly, this cat was my ego, trying to find the easy way out again, afraid of its own destruction. I felt sorry for the cat and did not loosen my grip)

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