Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Mirror. I remember reading Osho many years ago, and he said something about being a mirror. This concept has come up over and over. And yet perhaps I had my first ‘real’ introduction to it today. Thanks to COVID I have not been interacting much with people and a lot of clutter has simply disappeared. I have a tendency to take people too seriously, to try too hard to understand. I have found myself baffled over and over again. And yet. The distance between intellectually understanding something and knowing something cannot be exaggerated enough. My eyes are somewhat tired from straining. It’s slowly changing. I still care but it’s turning into a different form, something that does not require ‘me’ to suffer. That’s it maybe, the reference point, the ‘me’.

I finished reading Cold Comfort Farm the night before. I’d like to quote one of my favourite paragraphs from the book. “He stood up, sighing, and crossed over to Pointless, who was eating Graceless’s tail. Adam, who was linked to all dumb brutes by a chain forged in soil and sweat, took it out of her mouth and put into it, instead, his neckerchief – the last he had. She mumbled it, while he milked her, but stealthily spat it out as soon as he passed on to Aimless, and concealed it under the reeking straw with her hoof. She did not want to hurt the old man’s feelings by declining to eat his gift. There was a close bond: a slow, deep, primitive, silent down-dragging link between Adam and all living beasts; they knew each other’s needs. They lay close to the earth, and something of earth’s old fierce simplicities had seeped into their beings.”

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