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Sam said an interesting thing today, “……we only tend to feel the way we feel moment by moment, and that it’s possible to suddenly feel differently, the shift can be subtle, but it can be quite revolutionary….as you go about your day and you feel the mediocrity of ordinary life begin to intrude, you might experiment with this…”

Mediocrity. I very nearly created my own religion, anti-mediocrity, unknowingly I had made that a vow, that death be sweeter to me than mediocrity. And in that striving I became just that. Mediocre. For the more I struggled to free myself of this, the more ordinary I became, the trick, the illusion. There is magic, but it’s right here, in this space-time, a continuum, that ‘I’ am only beginning to understand. Prost! then to another beautiful mediocre day.

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