The Ashoka Tree

I dreamt of an Ashoka tree last night (amongst other things, my dreams are hopelessly hectic and confused, it will take a Lot of meditation to streamline that shit). It was the tallest tree I had ever seen. Growing out of a small planter. I was worried that sooner or later it would start to fall. I started thinking of props to support it. Since I’ve been awake I have pondered this problem. It reminds me of something. Perhaps myself, and other artists, growing in one direction towards the sky, confining ourselves within a planter, not drawing from the Source, requiring props and chemicals to keep us standing. Well sooner or later that tree’s going to fall. What can we do about it. Break through the planter, the claustrophobia you’ve created for yourself, access the Source? …the need for props will thence fall away on their own.

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