On Having No Head

This is a beautiful time in my life. I am not trying at all. I spend the day playing piano, studying music, taking care of my kids, reading, playing with animals, listening, watching everything around me. I am not trying to communicate with anyone, whatever comes to me without effort, I do, the rest I have temporarily let go off. I am like the child I used to be, sitting in my room all day, quiet, content. Of course money has to be made, so work goes on, but even that is not so bothersome.

Today we did an exercise that scrutinised the idea that ‘I’ is somewhere behind my face, in my head. It was a magical exercise. I have ordered this book, ‘ On Having No Head’, by D.E. Harding, it’s going to take a while to reach, approximately three weeks but I will be in a better position to use that book effectively when it does arrive.

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