Down down down

I decided to give the prelude a break for a couple of days, I’m just not getting a hold of it. I’ll work on the Bach Partita 5 Corrente instead, it’s also in a major key and given my somewhat oppressed mood, suits me better.

I’m just so tired, Light’s not well again, I keep hearing Darwin, sleeping more than I should. It’s one of Those phases, fucking A, just do not want to do Anything. You have no idea how bad my posture is right now, but I am in no mood to correct it. Pause. Fine, I corrected it. If only I could slump. That would be dreadfully irresponsible. At least the Waking Up module is giving me breaks from the endless thinking and fatigue. Still, I’ve only just started it. I know this feeling will pass, but right now, in this moment, it’s fucking eternal.

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