Specks of Truth

One of my favourite things to say was, the thing about having four furball children is that there’s always one at arm’s reach to cuddle. My entire day was spent that way. Doesn’t matter what I was doing, practising, recording, jumping rope, teaching, cleaning, every half an hour or less I would reach out to whoever was nearest me, and do kisses and hugs. Yes, the kids and me call it ‘doing’ for some reason. Human beings get tired of that shit, dogs don’t, and neither do I, it’s almost like a reflex response now. I see a furball, I cuddle it. So many habits to be broken. The thing with small animals, they’re always under a chair or a table or your piano. It becomes a habit to keep scanning the floor checking for them, lest you step on them and hurt them. I keep scrutinising the floor, and nothing’s there. Animals. Specks of truth.

One thought on “Specks of Truth

  1. Hi Zoya,

    Only 5% peoples can understand this..Like u. Otherwise 95% peoples are leaveing in our society as Show-off life 🤓

    I always read your article and i love all these think which turely n yearly said..

    Your are beautiful think and writer 👍👍😍😍😍

    Once again thanks for sharing real think.



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