Baba O’Riley

There’s this new category of people. They call themselves ‘healers’. I am a bit skeptical about this entire design. This department mostly includes women, who seem to have no scarcity of funds. One ‘healer’ described the purpose of life (for All) as follows: to experience joy in 3D. Is that not a wee bit presumptuous, leave alone unscientific. And then there’s the slogan ‘Love yourself, forgive yourself’ blah. I mean, no man, if you’re fucked up and spreading that, solve it, fix it. I suppose one might argue about context. There seems to be no context here however, these ideas are preached as universal truths. And what about creativity, surely joy is a somewhat limiting inspiration. And what of duty. I don’t know man. I can’t even decide if I want joy, I find that it inhibits me in my work, I become too spaced out, aimless. These healers live in a society built on taking advantage of whoever is weaker than you. They are consumers. I do not understand how a consumer can be a healer.

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