Could God create a stone so heavy that even He could not lift it?

I am on the 6th episode of the third season of The Sinner. I haven’t seen the others, I don’t watch crime series anymore, I find I get too involved. Mom highly recommended this one (she now regrets having told me about it). My mother cannot appreciate the complexity of the human mind, or shall I say, does not want to, she likes ‘simple’, and will not delve any deeper than is practically necessary. She takes twisted minds as elaborate fairytales. I dare say a lot of you are like that. I am not, going deeper and deeper into the complexity of the mind is what I live for, it is the only thing that doesn’t get boring. There is a character in this series who fascinates me. He brings up the ‘Omnipotence Paradox’. I suppose this is a well known idea, I have spent all of zero time, in my life, thinking about an all powerful god, so have not been directed along this line of thought. It’s very simple though.

“Could God create a stone so heavy that even He could not lift it?” 

“If given the axioms of Euclidean geometry, can an omnipotent being create a triangle whose angles do not add up to 180 degrees?”

“Can God create a prison so secure that he cannot escape from it?”.

(If anything, I suppose, Disney could come up with another failed episode of Star Wars that features an omnipotent Sith pitted against Everything and paradoxically, of course, this Sith will be destroyed.)

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