The Cord

I will write this whilst it is still fresh within me. The friend who had taught me the very basics of meditation had also shown me a way to detach from people. When in meditation, imagine yourself tied to this other person by a cord, a cord that you can physically feel. This cord must feel real, mentally, emotionally and physically. Then you cut it and watch the other person disappear. This is not a trivial thing to do at all, if you are in deep meditation and are being entirely honest, it is hard to cut the cord, and break that attachment. I have, however, used this method quite successfully whilst separating people who are negative to my being, it is quite a clean cut and I move on. I tried to do this with my brother today, not because he is negative, he is beautiful, but because my attachment to him makes it so. I was unable to cut the cord. I found tears streaming down my cheeks and perhaps for the first time the sense that there is nothing to cut when there is love. He and I are pure energy, we will return to that universal and always be a part of each other. I found myself moving away from the pain and feeling that pure energy as it moved through the top of my head straight up to join the sky. I was overwhelmed and could not meditate anymore after this.

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