It happens every time I restart a meditation regime, the first couple of weeks is a little crazy. I have just finished a session and am in a haze, my body secretes melatonin when I am in deep meditation and it is like being in the REM phase of sleep, getting out of it is very hard. Over time my body adapts to this, and I can meditate for longer periods without going into this state, but I have to wait out the next few days.

This morning was one of those exasperating mornings. The kids were being troublesome, there was so much cleaning to do, it is so hot and sticky, I absolutely hate this weather (I am sensitive to weather changes, it palpably affects my mood). The first two hours just disappeared. After completing various errands, I locked myself in my room and sat quietly in dhyana for twenty minutes. When I came out there were four very despondent animals sitting quietly in assorted corners. They’re so fucking adorable man. It is Impossible to stay annoyed with an animal, I don’t know how people are consciously cruel to animals, it just blows my mind.

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