Learning. Not.

I’m back from walking my dogs. A funny incident I remembered (why am I talking like Yoda). I think it was 4 or 5 months ago, I’d concluded a jam session with another musician, the work was intoxicating, as was his presence, I closed the evening a little too high. I had taken my kid for a walk, as I just have, it was late evening, and I could barely walk straight. Shortly after I was sprawled out on the mud and grass, grazing my palms and knees. I remember lying there and thinking how funny it all was. First the visual, this grown woman, in checked culottes and grey sweater flopped on the ground. A musician, who valued her reaction time and motor skills. A human being, who was far too intelligent for this nonsense. It was all so funny. There was no remorse, no guilt, no crack of light, I hauled myself up, found my kid, left my keys in the grass (which I thankfully found the next morning) and walked home, hastily trying to sober up enough to fool my mom. Of course I failed miserably.

This incident was followed by several similar incidents before I finally quit. Sitting at my desk, in this moment, all squeaky clean, mind sharp, I still see the delicious humour in it all.


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