I love animals, dogs, birds and cows in a very personal way. I feed the crows every morning, there’s one crow with what I have diagnosed as, a hernia. I have named him or her Bonzo, for obscure reasons. Every morning I meet Bonzo, obviously I can only tell Bonzo apart from the other crows, this makes him or her special to me. It’s the same with one of the mynah birds who lives near my house. He or she has almost no feathers on his or her head, I meet this bird almost everyday and this encounter too, has become meaningful to me. I am never alone when I am with animals, indeed, I would never have been able to get sober if I didn’t have my dog-children. The first few days were some of the darkest days I’ve lived through, but for their love. When you share this awareness with people they look at you like you’re living the cliche. I am a very open human being, I often have people confide in me, I don’t offer advice, we are each equipped with our own clarity, that cannot be second hand, I am only able to listen, and try and absorb as much negative from the other as I dare, for I am not that strong yet. I do however say 2 things, exercise, and pets. Exercise makes the body strong, there is an intuitive confidence in a strong body. Taking care of an animal and receiving its love is a life changing experience, you are forced to think outside yourself, for a creature, that is neither your blood, nor your species, but with whom you share your being.

You are no longer the gist of the universe.

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