I’m just going to jump right in, which is my most frequently used technique of dealing with shit (I”m not commenting on the success rate of that method yet). This is my first blog post, I know nothing about this, I’m going to write it, publish it and hope y’all will be kind enough to tell me where I fucked up. Honesty, is essentially what I’m going for. And clarity. I’m very clumsy at introducing myself so in short, I’m a musician, with a degree in medicine, I play piano, compose, try singing now and then, live with a slightly batty but infinitely loving mom, dad, three dogs and a cat. I have a brother who I adore who lives across the Atlantic, I love trees, and shades of blue and avocados. This blog is about my journey with depression and substance abuse, and my healing and incessant growing. I want to share my experiences as an artist and musician with others of a similar bent. I have felt alone for much of my life and I know there must be so many of us out there. It’s difficult being creative, very self destructive at times. But it also breaks the line between me and everything else, a momentary absolution. So yes, hi, and please do reach out, I’m going to try and write a blog entry every second day, let’s try helping each other, cause it’s not necessary for us to feel this way to be creative and artistic.

6 thoughts on “Hi

  1. There are a lot of guys who in greater depression.
    God has blessed you with a lovely family.
    Love and pursue your passions Stay happy n content.

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  2. Totally looking forward to the coming blog posts. Would love to share experiences, and I’m sure I will be able to relate to it at some level! Keep it coming, all the best 😎


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